Opportunities in Europe and in Rome


In oral histories, most of the alumni and faculty associated with the Rome Center of Liberal Arts program emphasize the advantages of its location,  especially how easy it was to travel to other countries, even if for just a weekend. From 1960, when John Felice took his students on a European tour for only a few thousand dollars, to current programs, the accessibility to Europe has been a major point. Before the mid-1970's, when the program was yearlong, the Christmas break was usually the time for students to go on tours to the rest of Europe. Sometimes they went on tours to North Africa and the Middle East. Though the program is now by the semester, the long established tradition of traveling continues on weekends and breaks. 

Many alumni and faculty members also noted the importance of the historical sites in Rome to the program. History classes are able to visit the Colosseum, the Via Appia, or even Greece to see sites there. Today many classes have important components that take place in the city of Rome itself, outside of the classroom.

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