Medicine in Chicago




Loyola University established the Loyola School of Medicine as a department of the university in 1915 after the purchase of Bennett Medical College. Two years later, Loyola purchased the property of the Chicago College of Medical Surgery at 706 S Wolcott Avenue. The 1910 Flexner Report, which urged medical colleges to enact higher standards of admission and practice, made it difficult for many institutions to open new medical schools and gave investigators reason to shut them down quickly.  Loyola successfully accomodated these higher standards and grew as a leader in medical education and research.

This exhibit was created by Bianca Barcenas with student yearbooks, university bulletins, and biographical files from the Loyola University Archives and Special Collections. In addition, Exploring Medical Education in the 1930s references the American Medical Association, Sara Dubow's Ourselves Unborn, and the "Find a Grave" website.