Professor Kathleen McCourtCirca Early 1990s

Professor Kathleen McCourt
Former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Loyola University Chicago

Loyola Emerita Professor of Sociology Kathleen McCourt was the dean of Loyola’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from 1989 through 1998, and in that position she oversaw the transition of the Peace Studies program during Loyola and Mundelein’s affiliation in 1991. Loyola had a faculty group called “Faculty and Staff Initiatives for Peace and Justice” who were interested in developing a Peace Studies program and Mundelein had one with faculty in place. Dean McCourt introduced both groups to one another and facilitated their conversations about how to approach Peace Studies. After initial meetings of the two groups, Dean McCourt headed the resulting Peace Studies committee and gathered faculty from both Loyola and Mundelein to develop the interdisciplinary program for Peace Studies at Loyola.



Time Log:

0-5 minutes Introduction.  Description of position as Dean of Loyola University Chicago College of Arts and Sciences.  Affiliation of Mundelein College with Loyola.  Creation of Peace Studies.
5-10 minutes Interdisciplinary programs and Peace Studies as an example of one.
10-15 minutes Sister Carol Frances Jegen.  People serving on Peace Studies Committee – William French, Father Joseph Boels, David Schweickart, David Ozar, Judith Wittner, Philip Nyden, Prudence Moylan, Peter Schraeder.
15-20 minutes Jesuits in El Salvador.  Discussion over courses for Peace Studies.
20-25 minutes Administration.  Bringing faculty together.  Faculty Council.  Academic Council.  Considering peace alongside violence. 
25-30 minutes Faculty and Staff Initiatives for Peace and Justice.  Reflections on anti-Vietnam War and Chicano Rights movements.  Gulf War.  Divestment from South Africa. 
30-34:09 minutes Peace Studies program. Social justice.  Reaching out to students not served by other programs.  Interdisciplinary.  Jesuit education.  Catholic education.
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