Patricia Bakalik, Interview with Melissa Newman, 2021


Patricia Bakalik (WLA, Mundelein College 1990 Class Photograph)

Interview Transcript


Patricia Bakalik, Interview with Melissa Newman, 2021


Transferring from Moraine Valley College in 1986, Patricia Bakalik was recruited to play volleyball at Mundelein College until she graduated in 1990. She discusses her volleyball career and the significant role coach Brenda Weare played for her. Patty felt very spoiled living on campus, first at Coffey Hall and then at Northland Hall because she would fall asleep to the sound of the waves from Lake Michigan every night. Patty describes all of the activities she was involved in and how little sleep she got because of it. She played volleyball and softball, worked at the front desk in Coffey and then Northland Halls, was an elevator operator, the President of the Women's Athletic Association, co-chair on the Commencement Committee, and sports editor for The Scholar student newspaper. Influential Mundelein staff members include journalism professor, Betty Prevender, President Mary Breslin, and school counsellor, Cam Helkowski. Throughout Patty’s interview, she talks about how thankful she was to be surrounded by constant support, inspiration, and kindness from the women working and studying there. A Mundelein quote that has stayed with her is, “What Mundelein has given me, I will forever cherish. What I can give to others, I will gladly share.”

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Date Created

December 8, 2021


Patricia Bakalik was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. She attended an all-girls high school and initially attended Moraine Valley College where she played volleyball, but her friend and teammate Maureen Monahan was recruited to play volleyball at Mundelein and encouraged Coach Brenda Weare to recruit Patty for Mundelein volleyball as well. Patty transferred to Mundelein in 1986 and graduated in 1990.

She was a Communication and Mass Media major and lived in both Coffey Hall and Northland Hall. Very active on campus, Patty was the President of the Women's Athletic Association, co-chair on the Commencement Committee, a Student Government Representative all four years, the sports editor for the campus newspaper, The Scholar, worked the front desk in her dorms, was an elevator operator, and she played on the softball and volleyball team. She was also an Ann Ida Gannon award recipient, Lincoln Award nominee, and a Marilyn Gorski Award recipient.

Mundelein was a special place for Patty, and she attributes her confidence to her time there. This helped her when she graduated and began working on the trading floor for at the Chicago Board of Trade and was able to retire at 40-years-old. Patty still lives close to Lake Michigan in Chicago and bartends at a local bar.

Interviewer Biography

Melissa Newman was a graduate student in the Public History program at Loyola University Chicago and a graduate assistant at the Women and Leadership Archives 2020-2022.

Time Log

0-5 Minutes: Bakalik’s family and educational background, choosing Mundelein, starting college, and playing on the Mundelein Lakers volleyball team.
5-10 Minutes: Bakalik reflects on teachers and coaches at Mundelein, awards Bakalik won at Mundelein, Bakalik’s communication major, and her extracurricular activities.
10-15 Minutes: Mundelein graduation committee involvement, Mundelein search committee involvement, Bakalik’s on-campus jobs, and training for volleyball.
15-20 Minutes: Working with Mundelein Experience Leadership Development (MELD), Mundelein in the NCLAA volleyball tournament.
20-25 Minutes: Bakalik’s relationship with coach Brenda Weare and other reflections on staff at Mundelein.
25-30 Minutes: McBuddy program, Mundelein Handbooks, time management at Mundelein, and Bakalik’s involvement on campus.
30-35 Minutes: Bakalik’s involvement in the annual Women’s Athletic Casino Night and balancing academics with athletics.
35-40 Minutes: Bakalik’s on-campus jobs, living on-campus, the volleyball season and trimesters at Mundelein.
40-45 Minutes: Living on campus, campus geography of Mundelein, places Bakalik studied on campus, dress code, reflecting on classmates, and student government.
45-50 Minutes: Reflecting on classmates and Bakalik’s time as sports editor on the Mundelein Scholar paper.
50-57:14 Minutes: Technology at Mundelein, Bakalik reflects on the lasting impact of Mundelein on her life, her post-graduation career and her charitable work.


A Wrinkle in Time, PB 10-15
Becker, Jean, PB 45-50
Bollinger, Rich, PB 20-25,
Breslin, Mary, PB 25-30, PB 30-35,
Bubser, Loralei, PB 45-50
Chicago, IL., PB 0-5,
Chicago Board of Trade, PB 50-57:14
Chicago Bulls, PB 45-50
Columbia College Chicago, PB 15-20,
DePaul University, PB 15-20, PB 40-45,
East of Eden, PB 25-30,
Facebook, PB 15-20, PB 35-40,
Frane, Ruth, PB 45-50
Frida, Pam Lee, PB 45-50
Gannon, Ann Ida (Sister), PB 5-10, PB 25-30,
Gorski, Marilyn, PB 5-10, PB 25-30, PB 45-50
Haley, Mary Pat, PB 5-10,
Hamilton's- A Chicago Bar-Grill, PB 20-25,
Helkowski, Cam, PB 20-25,
Humphries, Katherine, PB 40-45, PB 45-50
Jordan, Michael, PB 45-50
Lee, Ling Ling, PB 45-50
Lemont, IL., PB 0-5,
L’Engle, Madeleine, PB 10-15
Liebfried, Pam, PB 40-45,
Lillig, Elizbeth, PB 45-50
Loyola University Chicago, PB 25-30
Moraine Valley Community College, PB 0-5, PB 35-40, PB 50-57:14
Mount Assisi Academy, PB 0-5,
Mundelein College, PB 0-5, PB 5-10, PB 10-15, PB 15-20, PB 20-25, PB 25-30, PB 30-35, PB 35-40, PB 40-45, PB 45-50, PB 50-57:14
Mundelein College Coffey Hall, PB 0-5, PB 10-15, PB 30-35, PB 35-40,
Mundelein College Learning Resource Center, PB 5-10, PB 25-30, PB 40-45,
Mundelein College McCormick Lounge, PB 30-35,
Mundelein College, Northland Hall, PB 0-5, PB 35-40, PB 40-45,
Mundelein College Piper Hall, PB 25-30, PB 30-35, PB 40-45,
Mundelein College The Scholar Newspaper, PB 5-10, PB 25-30, PB 45-50
Mundelein College Skyscraper Building, PB 0-5, PB 10-15, PB 40-45,
Mundelein College Tea Room, PB 40-45,
Mundelein College Women's Athletic Association, PB 5-10,
Mundelein Experience Leadership Development (MELD), PB 15-20,
Mundelein Now, PB 25-30,
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), PB 15-20,
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), PB 15-20,
National Little College Athletic Association (NLCAA), PB 5-10, PB 15-20, PB 25-30,
Palatine, IL., PB 0-5,
Prevender, Betty, PB 5-10, PB 10-15,
Robles, Nellie, PB 45-50
Roosevelt University, PB 15-20,
Russo, Karen, PB 35-40,
Seewata, Tamara, PB 45-50
Shearson Lehman Brothers, PB 50-57:14
Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL., PB 25-30, PB 40-45,
St. Augustine College, PB 0-5,
Stats, Catherine, PB 40-45,
Sullivan, Mary Alma (Sister), PB 5-10,
Sullivan, Terri, PB 35-40, PB 45-50
Thorpe, Rita, PB 45-50
Toys For Tots, PB 50-57:14
United States Marine Corps, PB 50-57:14
Weare, Brenda, PB 0-5, PB 10-15, PB 15-20, PB 20-25,
Wyatt, Susan, PB 40-45,


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