Kelly Craig Buckhalter, Interview with Chris Mattix, 2021


Interview Transcript


Kelly Craig Buckhalter, Interview with Chris Mattix, 2021


Kelly Buckhalter (née Craig), Mundelein Class of 1992, was interviewed by Chris Mattix, a Loyola Public History graduate student and graduate assistant at the Women and Leadership Archives. Kelly recalls her time at Mundelein as an interior architecture major, including living in Coffey Hall and working at the Skyscraper switchboard. Buckhalter also recounts interactions with faculty members including Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, Sister Catherine Forsythe, and Sister Newhart. In addition to living and working on campus, Kelly was a member of one of the last graduating classes before the Loyola-Mundelein affiliation and recalls her experience of this as a student. Kelly also reflects on changing technology on campus in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Date Created

November 19, 2021


Kelly Buckhalter was a student from 1987-1992. She lived on campus in Coffey Hall and worked at the switchboard in the Skyscraper building. She was part of one of the last classes to graduate from Mundelein and recalls what is was like to affiliate with Loyola.

Interviewer Biography

Chris Mattix was a graduate student in the Public History Master’s program at Loyola University Chicago and a graduate assistant at the Women in Leadership Archives in 2021-2023. Chris received their bachelor’s degree in history and human communication from Western Michigan University in 2020 and focuses on the history of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Time Log

[0:00 - 5:00]: Introductions, family background, choosing Mundelein, major, and her classes.
[5:00 - 10:00]: Attending Mundelein when technology was developing (CAD), the campus, and not being Catholic.
[10:00 - 15:00]: How campus has changed, Sister Jean, and world events.
[15:00 - 20:00]: Professors/faculty that made an impact, campus job, and getting rosary beads from Sister Katherine Forsyth.
[20:00 - 25:00]: Not being Catholic on campus, living on-campus in Coffey Hall, living off-campus, and roommates.
[25:00 - 30:00]: Living in Coffey Hall, dining hall food, and activities around campus.
[30:00 - 35:00]: Social activities/extracurriculars, living off-campus with her boyfriend, and move-in day for the dorms.
[35:00 - 40:00]: Loyola and Mundelein merging and being one of the last Mundelein classes.
[40:00 - 44:22]: Graduation, going back to campus, and wrap up.


Bahá'í Temple, KB 30-35
The Big Bang Theory, KB 40-45
BVMs (Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary), KB 0-5
Chicago, KB 0-5, KB 30-35
Chicago Heights, KB 0-5
Coffey Hall, KB 0-5, KB 5-10, KB 20-25, KB 25-30, KB 40-45
Computer Aid Drafting (CAD), KB 0-5, KB 5-10
Dewey Decimal System, KB 5-10
Earth Day, KB 10-15
Elaine, KB 15-20
FedEx, KB 25-30
Forsyth, Sister Katharine, KB 0-5, KB 15-20
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, KB 5-10
Indiana, KB 0-5
Jeanette, KB 25-30
Kinko’s Copies, KB 25-30
Lake Michigan, KB 5-10
Loyola University Chicago, KB 0-5, KB 5-10, KB 10-15, KB 20-25, KB 25-30, KB 35-40
Malnar, Frank, KB 0-5
Malnar, Joy Monice, KB 0-5
Mundelein College, KB 0-5, KB 5-10, KB 15-20, KB 20-25, KB 30-35, KB 35-40, KB 40-45
Newhart, Bob, KB 40-45
Newhart, Sister Joan Therese, KB 40-45
Northwestern University, KB 30-35
Piper Hall, KB 40-45
Popeyes, KB 25-30
Professor Neuron, KB 40-45
Purdue University, KB 0-5
Sheridan Road, KB 10-15
Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, KB 10-15, KB 15-20, KB 40-45
Skyscraper (Building), KB 15-20, KB 20-25, KB 35-40
Sullivan Center, KB 40-45
Tampa, Florida, KB 0-5, KB 20-25
Therese, Sister Joan Scanlan, KB 10-15, KB 15-20
University of Central Florida, KB 20-25
University of South Florida, KB 20-25
University of Tampa, KB 20-25
Winthrop Avenue, KB 10-15
Women and Leadership Archives, KB 40-45


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