Michelle Arseneau Gilhooly, Interview with Melissa Newman, 2022


Michelle Arseneau Gilhooly (Photograph provided by interviewer)

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Michelle Arseneau Gilhooly, Interview with Melissa Newman, 2022


Michelle Arseneau Gilhooly was a business and marketing major and a communications and public relations minor. She graduated from Mundelein in 1991, lived in Coffey Hall for her freshmen and sophomore years and then in Northland Hall for her junior and senior years. She discusses the various activities she was involved in such as working in the Admissions office as part of her work study financial aid, being a member of Tau Beta Sigma Sorority , being a Mundelein Ambassador, a McBuddy, a tour guide for prospective students, and a cover girl on the last marketing brochures for Mundelein College in 1989 and 1990.

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Date Created

March 14, 2022


Michelle Arseneau Gilhooly was born in Kankakee, Illinois and grew up in Bourbonnais, Illinois. She went to a Catholic school up until eighth grade, then went to a public high school. Michelle learned about Mundelein College through looking at college brochures that her friend acquired and thought that a college in the city and right on Lake Michigan sounded great.

Initially, she wanted to pursue a career as a speech therapist but ended up changing her major to business and marketing with minors in communications and public relations. She graduated from Mundelein in 1991, lived in Coffey Hall for her freshmen and sophomore years and then in Northland Hall for her junior and senior years. As part of her work study, Michelle worked in the Admissions office, which was how she became the cover girl on Mundelein’s last marketing brochures. Michelle was also a member of Tau Beta Sigma Sorority for all four years where she held leadership roles as the secretary, vice president, and then president. Michelle was a Mundelein Ambassador, a McBuddy for incoming freshmen, and gave tours to prospective students.

Michelle remembers lining up at the library for graduation, then walking along the Sheridan Road curb and through the front doors of the Skyscraper to get to the auditorium for the graduation ceremony. Through a classmate in the Weekend College that Michelle took business classes with, she got an interview with Hyatt Hotels and got a job at the concierge of the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Wacker Drive after graduation. This marked her first role in the hospitality industry.

Interviewer Biography

Melissa Newman was a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago and a graduate assistant at the Women and Leadership Archives 2020-2022.

Time Log

0-5 Minutes: Gilhooly’s family and educational background, her choice to attend Mundelein, her major, classes she took, shadowing a teacher, and changing her major.

5-10 Minutes: Changing her major from speech therapy to business, attending classes with weekend college students, working with Hyatt hotels, balancing work and school, her relationships with weekend college students.

10-15 Minutes: Gilhooly’s friendships with other Mundelein students, sharing a room in Coffey Hall, Greek Life, and socialization on campus.

15-20 Minutes: Sororities on campus, relationships with other students, Tau Beta Sigma, interactions with Loyola fraternities and philanthropies, and Mundelein’s incorporation with Loyola.

20-25 Minutes: Gilhooly’s interactions with sorority sisters, the rush process, recruitment, leadership, and Tau Beta Sigma’s philanthropic activities.

25-30 Minutes: Tau Beta Sigma’s events and fundraising, fraternities at Loyola, Gilhooly’s time as sorority president, and living in Coffey and Northland Halls.

30-35 Minutes: Gilhooly’s time in Coffey Hall, Northland Hall, staff in resident halls, curfew, and activities in the halls.

35-40 Minutes: Community in the resident halls, weekend college students in residence halls, professors at Mundelein, and their relationships with students.

40-45 Minutes: Professors that impacted Gilhooly, social activities at Mundelein, and Gilhooly’s time with the Mundelein Ambassador Program and admissions office.

45-50 Minutes: Gilhooly’s work study, her time on the judicial board, the Mundelein business association, and the McBuddies program.

50-55 Minutes: Gilhooly’s experience as a Mundelein cover girl and her interactions with staff and faculty at Mundelein.

55-60 Minutes: Gilhooly’s relationship with staff and faculty, changes on campus, Mundelein’s incorporation with Loyola, and her graduation.

60-65 Minutes: Gilhooly’s graduation and a letter from Sister Jean Schmidt.

65-70 Minutes: Gilhooly’s graduation, her reaction to the merger between Mundelein and Loyola, student, staff, and faculty response to the merger, and changes since.

70-76:24 Minutes: Student media and final reflections on Gilhooly’s time at Mundelein.


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