Katy Hogan, Interview with Chris Mattix, 2022


Katy Hogan, 1972 (WLA, Mundelein College yearbook)

Interview Transcript


Katy Hogan, Interview with Chris Mattix, 2022


Katy Hogan, Mundelein class of 1972, was interviewed by Chris Mattix. Hogan discusses her childhood in Chicago and her early experiences with activism and awareness of the Civil Rights Movement. As a high school senior preparing to attend Mundelein College, Hogan remembers visiting the college the weekend after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Along with her classes at Mundelein College, Hogan describes the formative experience of spending a semester abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She attended Centro Intercultural de Documentacion where she studied Spanish, learned about “deschooling”, and developed a love of travel. With the Vietnam War taking place at the time, student activism was a significant part of Hogan’s college experience. She talks about her role as the student coordinator for the October moratorium in 1969 and student organizing in response to Kent State. She also talks about the support from faculty and administration during these activities. She talks briefly about Mundelein’s gay population and the changes occurring with the women’s liberation movement and gay liberation movement. Hogan also talks about her experiences after college including traveling, co-founding the Heartland Café, and working on political campaigns for David Orr and Harold Washington.

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Date Created

July 26, 2022


Katy Hogan was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, one of seven children. Hogan’s mother was a graduate of Mundelein College in 1942. Early on, Katy became aware of racism in Chicago and became politically active. While in high school, Katy got involved in a group called Young Christian Students (YCS) and worked to increase bussing and desegregation efforts. Hogan decided to attend Mundelein College and spent her freshman welcome weekend on campus the week that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The activism on campus that followed the assassination confirmed Katy’s decision to attend Mundelein. Katy’s political activism led her to pick a major in social science.

Hogan was able to take a semester abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico and remembers this experience as the most formative of her time at Mundelein. Katy’s political activism led her to become a leader in the Student Moratorium Against the War in Vietnam, the student strike following the Kent State Massacre, and the Women’s Liberation Movement. During this time, Hogan lived in both Northland Hall and Coffey Hall and worked for several businesses near campus.

Hogan co-founded the Heartland Café with Michael James in Chicago in 1976. Heartland Café was designed to bring wholesome food and good jobs to Chicago. During this time, Katy also worked for several political campaigns including campaigns for Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, President Barack Obama, and Cook County Clerk and acting mayor of Chicago David Orr. Katy and James sold the Heartland Café in 2012 and are currently writing a book about the history of the Heartland Café.

Interviewer Biography

Chris Mattix was a graduate student in the Public History Master’s program at Loyola University Chicago and a graduate assistant at the Women in Leadership Archives in 2021-2023. Chris received their bachelor’s degree in history and human communication from Western Michigan University in 2020 and focuses on the history of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Time Log

[0:00 – 5:00]
Hogan’s family and educational background, choosing Mundelein, high school, and her early activism.
[5:00 – 10:00]
Hogan’s activism in high school, school integration, starting Mundelein, the assassination of Martin Luthur King Jr., and factors that led her to choose Mundelein.
[10:00 – 15:00]
Hogan’s classes at Mundelein, classes at Loyola, her major, and her semester in Mexico.
[15:00 – 20:00]
Centro Intercultural de Documentación, Hogan's time in Mexico, faculty that influenced her.
[20:00 – 25:00]
The War in Vietnam and other events during Hogan's time at Mundelein, the October moratorium, and the student strike.
[25:00 – 30:00]
Hogan's student activism, Mundelein faculty, and classes at Mundelein.
[30:00 – 35:00]
Student activism, Mundelein’s reaction and support for student and faculty activism, the “Lunatic Fringe,” and living on campus.
[35:00 – 40:00]
Hogan's time living in Coffey and Northland Halls, the different cultures, her roommates, candlelighting, and Women’s Liberation in Chicago.
[40:00 – 45:00]
Hogan's college jobs and starting her business.
[45:00 – 50:00] Minutes: Mundelein’s gay population and living on a Catholic campus.
[50:00 – 55:00]
Hogan’s experience starting and running Heartland Café.
[55:00 – 60:00]
Heartland Café, Hogan’s political experience, the Harold Washington and David Orr campaigns.
[60:00 – 68:25]
Hogan’s political work, the lasting influence of Mundelein, and closing remarks.


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Washington D.C., KH 25-30,
Washington, Harold, KH 55-60, KH 60-65,
Women and Leadership Archives, KH 0-5,
Young Christian Students (YCS), KH 0-5, KH 30-35,


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