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Loyola Students at a newsroom meeting

Breaking news at Loyola University Chicago
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For the past 150 years, Loyola University Chicago has been a vital part of Chicago's educational world. Combined with the story of its now-affiliated neighbor from 1930-1991, Mundelein College, Loyola's history speaks to the broader history of Catholic higher education, the college experience, and Chicago. Then and Now: 150 Years at Loyola University Chicago displays some of that history through the themes of social justice and faith, student life, and Loyola's multiple campuses. Along the way it explores how Loyola University Chicago has changed over the years, where it is today, and what it might look like in the future. 

From St. Ignatius College to student movements, Mundelein College to March Madness, this exhibit covers a wide variety of topics from Loyola's past. Keep checking back as new pages are added in anticipation of the 2020 Sesquicentennial. 

Crowd of students at a Loyola basketball game.

Loyola school pride at the Final Four game against Michigan State
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Navigating Then and Now

This site is organized into four broad areas, which can be explored in any order. The first section, Loyola Through the Years, contains five pages with context for key years in Loyola's history. The next three sections - Faith and Social Justice, Student Life, and Campuses - look at how Loyola has changed over time through the lens of these broad themes. Each section contains pages on topics ranging from sports to student protests, buildings to academic programs. You can read through each page in order or jump around to find the topics that interest you.

At the end of the exhibit, you will find more information from Loyola's University Archives and the Women and Leadership Archives as well as ways to get involved with the Sesquicentennial celebration by contributing to the collections or sharing your story.