General Description

The Loyola University Chicago (LUC) Women and Leadership Archives (WLA) Voices from Mundelein: Media Portal documents the experiences of members of the Mundelein College community during the institution’s operation between 1930 and 1991.  The portal showcases the stories of women religious as part of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVMs) who operated the school, as well as led instruction of the college’s courses. The site also contains recollections of the college’s alumnae as they reflect on classes, extracurricular activities, and periods of religious and political change.  Lastly, Voices from Mundelein features the experiences of lay faculty and staff as they shaped and transformed Mundelein College from the 1960s onward into a more inclusive institution for people of color and adult students. This web portal presents more than thirty interviews within a context that documents and describes the development of Mundelein College as a Catholic women’s college in Chicago that changed with the times.

Sister Mary Justicia Coffey; Hobo Dinner Revelers; Communicating Cultures

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The materials contained on this portal are freely available for scholarship, or non-commercial research under the “fair use” provisions of US copyright law.  Prior written permission is required for any use that exceeds “fair use” including publication, broadcast, for placing on another web site, or for any paid or commercial use. Contact

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The tabs at the top of this page allow you to navigate the site. About provides a brief background on the history of Mundelein College. The Collections tab allows the visitor to browse through thematic collections such as the Class of 1968, Weekend College, and Activism and many others. The Interviews tab provides the opportunity to browse individual interviews and audiovisual recordings of events.  The Resources tab includes indexes, contact information, and credits.

Content Note

These collections may include language or descriptions of events that may be upsetting to some users.