Father Jerry Overbeck with students  during movie night, 1999

Welcome to the Loyola Student Life Timeline Project!

This timeline was created for Loyola University Chicago’s 150th anniversary and explores Loyola’s history through the lens of student life.

For 150 years, students from a variety of backgrounds have found academic opportunities at Loyola, formed clubs and organizations, and interacted with their peers and with the changing world around them. Every decade has had its challenges and successes, and each generation of students has honored Loyola’s mission of social justice by getting involved and making a difference.

This project was developed by the Sesquicentennial Scholars, a team of graduate students working in conjunction with the Loyola University Archives & Special Collections and the Women and Leadership Archives, with support from the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities. Click here to learn more about the team!

Choose a decade below or exhibit from the menu and dive into the history of student life at Loyola!

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St. Chrysostomian Debating Society Group Photo

1870s: Resilience and Growth

St. Mary's Debating Society Group Photo

1880s: The Changing Face of America

A student actor dressed as royalty holds the hand of another actor lying prone on the ground, as other actors stand around them

1890s: Expansion of Culture

James Griffin, in costume as Prince Hal, sits in a high-backed chair with his feet apart and right elbow on the table, gazing at the drink in his right hand

1900s: A Connected America

Color postcard of Hall of Arts and Sciences
at Loyola University Chicago

1910s: Tipping Point

Loyola News staff at work

1920s: Progress and Strife

Six students stand at tables with exhibits about various kinds of science, with a sign above them reading Science Forum

1930s: Perseverance Through Adversity

Students help campus gardener plant wartime garden

1940s: Unity and Patriotism

Three women and four children stand in front of the Sacred Heart Shrine by Lake Michigan, as one woman points toward the statue

1950s: A New and Uncertain World

Students at Selma March

1960s: A Call to Action

Silhouetted profile of student against tall building

1970s: Taking It to the Streets

Student seated behind a table with a glass jar for pennies

1980s: We Are the World

Students gather around a computer

1990s: Changing Culture

Fundraiser booth with students

2000s: Technology and Terror

Students marching with a large banner

2010s: Connecting Through Crises

Sculpture of an individual with a mask placed over it

2020: Sesquicentennial During COVID